to Define Performance as You Like

U Power Super Board not only breaks design
boundaries and allows more space,
but also enables free arrangement of driving seat,
customizable driving styles, and AI-powered
adaptive suspension to empower you
to define performance as you like.

Ring-Network Based EEA with Pluggable Design
for Development Freedom

Heterogeneous chips allow for scalable
computing power to meet autonomous driving
safety requirements of L4 and above.
Standardized hardware and platformized
software enables customized intelligent experience.

Highly Integrated Thermal Management
for Vehicle Energy Exchange Freedom

Modular & integrated design accelerates
development and improves thermal management
efficiency. All-in-one energy management
doubles energy efficiency, reducing over 70%
of energy consumption by climate control in winter.

Cell to Chassis Battery System
for Driving Range Freedom

With 10% increase in available capacity of battery compartment,
10% increase in range with the same body length,
and a longest driving range of more than 1000 km,
we offer more choices of battery combination solutions.